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Are you a big fan of Kpop and Kdrama? Do you want to be the most popular Kpop idol?  Are you tired of fake 'Free to Play' game? Then Kpop Idol Simulator waits for you!

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You know you can't live without Kpop music and idols and you love Kdrama. So, why don't you become the most popular Kpop idol or Actor/Actress in Kdrama? With Kpop Idol Simulator, you can be anything!
Kpop Idol Simulator is a character simulation game. You have 100 game days to be ready to debut. What you learn and what you do for this 100 game days will make whole different ending in game. You will also have multiple ending to see what you can achieve here!


Multiple Endings


Become Whatever You Want

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Various Fun Games

Kpop Idol Simulatoris not just a simple simulation game. You can grow your characters with very much different training, and your character can be 'Galactical Popular Idol' or 'Poor Beggar' as how you manage its schedule. 

Once you finish first 100 game days, then you can start new life to make your character whole different person and see different ending. Each ending will have different unique rewards, so you can decorate your character and world as unique as possible.

In Brainfreezing's plan, there will be upcoming romance feature, and decorative costume feature soon. You can be friend with other Kpop sunbaes or be a GF or BF with them. You can also make your characters like already popular Kpop stars as what you want. 

It sounds really interesting, right? Then let's download the game and see what kind of character you will make!

Our dev team is working hard to publish this beautiful and fun game till end of August. Please stay tune, and be ready to play the funniest Kpop game in the world~!

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